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About Landscape Architecture

The profession of landscape architecture is about creating great cities, streets, parks and public spaces – ones that inspire healthy living and wellbeing while protecting natural environments and people. It is also about creating safe, sustainable and resilient landscapes, landscapes that evolve but endure over time.

Practitioners of landscape architecture apply creative and technical skills, using scientific, cultural, and political knowledge to create optimal private and public spaces and landscapes.

In Ontario, those who practice the profession of landscape architecture and are Full Members of the OALA can use the title of “landscape architect.” Learn more about the use of the title of a landscape architect.

Landscape architects shape the world around us and contribute to the success and wellbeing of people in Ontario, Canada and beyond by:

  • protecting natural areas and the environment; enhancing biodiversity
  • building healthy and vibrant communities
  • addressing climate change; managing the impacts of climate change and using natural systems and solutions to reduce the global warming trend
  • designing and implementing green infrastructure, including green streets, green roofs and active transportation
  • contributing to the growing economy

Landscape architects are site planning and design experts that assist in solving complex problems related to land-use planning, site design, land development, and rehabilitation. 

General Areas of Practice
  • Landscape Design
  • Land Development Planning
  • Community Master Planning
  • Park and Recreation Planning
  • Site Planning
  • Urban Design
Specialty Areas of Practice 
  • Green and natural systems infrastructure 
  • Natural Heritage Conservation
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Expert Witness/Expert Testimony 
  • Health Care Design
  • Cultural Heritage Assessment and Conservation
  • Landscape Reclamation and Habitat Restoration
  • Marina and Waterfront Planning
  • Resort and Entertainment Facilities
  • Visual Assessment
  • Water Play and Playground Design
  • Golf Course Architecture