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Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice

The Ontario Association of Landscape Architects (OALA) is a self-regulating professional association. OALA is a component association of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA).

OALA, with its headquarters in Toronto, administers the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects Act, 1984 (An Act Respecting The Ontario Association of Landscape Architects) Bill Pr37. The act states that an individual must be a Full Member of the Association before they can be granted the exclusive use of the title of Landscape Architect. Only Full Members may use the professional credentials OALA after their name. Also see section 13.1 of the OALA Handbook for the Policy on the Use of Title.

Restrictions are imposed by The Ontario Association of Landscape Architects Act, Chapter Pr 12, Statutes of Ontario, 1984 and by section 10 of the by-laws of The Ontario Association of Landscape Architects (the “Association”).

The Act states that OALA has professional responsibility for:

  • regulating professional standards
  • accreditation for the profession
  • maintaining and improving the examining process
  • approving educational and professional development standards

The Mission of the Association

The mission of the Association is to promote, improve and advance the profession of landscape architecture and maintain standards of professional practice and conduct, consistent with the need to serve and to protect the public interest.

The Association maintains standards of professional practice and conduct to serve and protect the public interest. These are outlined below in more detail through the Code and Rules of Professional Practice.

OALA promotes public understanding of the profession and the advancement of the practice of landscape architecture. In support of the improvement and/or conservation of the natural, cultural, social and built environment, OALA undertakes activities including active promotion to governments, professionals, and developers of the standards and benefits of landscape architecture.

All OALA members must adhere to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice.

Read the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice

Best Practice Scenarios

The following scenarios have been developed by the Professional Practice & Ethics Committee. These scenarios provide explanation and are an education tool to expand on the OALA Code of Ethics. Members may get caught in these experiences, and may not turn to the Code for Ethics – but if they have scenarios, it could help educate and know how to deal with the scenarios when they encounter these situations.

Members are encouraged to share additional scenarios for future Code of Ethics guidance and education, by writing to [email protected]

Scenario 1Proper Use of Seal: Allied Professionals

Scenario 2Proper Use of Seal: Potential Clients

Guide for Taking over a Project from Another Landscape Architect


If members or the public have specific questions about Professional Practice & Ethics (PP&E) or best practices for conducting landscape architecture in Ontario, we ask that you first reference the Code of Ethics posted above, and also have a look at the Engage a Landscape Architect Guides which covers Services, Fee Guides, Standard Contract Guide and Competition Guidelines. If your questions have not been answered in those documents, you can write to [email protected] and your questions will be responded to by staff or the PP&E Committee.