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About OALA

The Ontario Association of Landscape Architects (OALA) is a self-regulating professional association that has proudly been operating in the province since 1968. As the regulator for the title landscape architect in Ontario, OALA serves the public interest, and is a place of community, learning and growth for its members.

The work of OALA and its 2,000 members supports the improvement and conservation of the natural, cultural, social and built environment in Ontario. The activities of OALA include setting standards for licensure; active promotion of the profession to governments, related professionals and the public; and developing and promoting the standards and benefits of landscape architecture.

Responsibilities of the OALA:
The Association administers Bill Pr37, An Act respecting The Ontario Association of Landscape Architects, Chapter Pr12, 1984, which includes responsibility for:

  • regulating professional standards
  • accreditation for the profession
  • maintaining and improving the examining process
  • approving educational and professional development standards
What is landscape architecture?
Landscape architecture is about creating great cities, streets, parks and public spaces – ones that inspire healthy living and wellbeing while protecting natural environments and people. Landscape architects create safe, sustainable and resilient landscapes that evolve but endure over time.

Interested in becoming a landscape architect? Read more about our path to membership

Our Vision

OALA’s vision is to advance landscape architects as recognized professionals and respected leaders in physical environment planning and design whose expertise contributes to creating healthy, safe and livable communities and sustainable landscapes.

Our Mission

To promote, improve and advance the profession of landscape architecture and maintain standards of professional practice and conduct, consistent with the need to serve and protect the public interest.

Our Values

OALA’s core values reflect its operational philosophy and principals that guides our internal conduct, as well as our relationship with customers, clients, related professionals and the public.

Public Interest: Through the establishment of professional standards of practice, the OALA requires its members to advance and protect public health, safety and well-being.

Ethics: OALA conducts its operations, relationships and promotion activities in a professional and ethical manner. The officers and assigns of OALA are truthful and act with integrity.

Excellence: OALA strives to be forward thinking and achieve excellence through a commitment of meeting and exceeding identified standards.

Sustainability: OALA operates in a manner which promotes the CSLA’s Canadian Landscape Charter core principles, which are: recognize landscapes as vital; consider all people; inspire stewardship; expand knowledge; and show leadership.

Accountability: OALA is responsible to its membership and the public for the programs it provides, their effectiveness and their costs. The OALA plans for future activities with input from its members.

OALA members are also members of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA). The CSLA is the national body that advocates for the profession in Canada. The CSLA is comprised of all provincial and territorial landscape architecture organizations. For more information see www.csla.ca.