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Advocacy Updates

Landscape Architects Showcase their Value at the OALA MPP-Queen’s Park Spring Breakfast

Landscape architects play a vital role in designing and creating sustainable and healthy environments for communities to thrive in. On Tuesday, May 9th, a select group of OALA members and Councillors gathered at Queen’s Park for the first annual MPP-Landscape Architect Spring Breakfast.

The event was a great success with 22 members and 20 MPPs, including 5 Ministers, in attendance. Speakers at the event included MPPs Brian Saunderson, Lucille Collard, France Gelinas, and Mike Schreiner, who all shared their thoughts on the importance of landscape architects. We were also delighted to welcome Minister Steve Clark, who addressed the group, expressing his appreciation for the work of landscape architects and interest in working together.

The event provided an excellent opportunity for landscape architects to build relationships with MPPs and communicate how they contribute solutions to the challenges of climate change, mental health, street safety, housing and accessibility. It was an important step in advancing the Landscape Architect Practice Act and ensuring that landscape architects are recognized for their essential contribution to our communities.

Proposed Changes to the Greenbelt Plan

The Ontario Association of Landscape Architects is adding its support to the growing list of concerned organizations responding to proposed changes to the Greenbelt Plan.

On December 2, 2022, the OALA submitted a letter to Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing outlining the following areas of concern for the current proposal to remove protected lands from the Greenbelt Plan:

  • scientific criteria & rationale for the land removal identified
  • impacts on natural functions and sustainability
  • impacts on finite land resources & sprawl

Click here to read our letter regarding the proposed changes to the Greenbelt Plan

Bill 23, More Home Built Faster Act, 2022

On November 28, 2022,  Bill 23, More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022, received Royal Assent. OALA and dozens of other organizations and municipality groups have spoken out strongly against the proposed amendments included in this bill.

In a letter dated November 15 that was sent to both the Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Steve Clark, MPP (Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands) and the Standing Committee on Heritage, Infrastructure and Cultural Policy, OALA explained in detail the impact of Bill 23 on the profession of landscape architecture in Ontario.

Click here to read the OALA letter dated November 15, 2022.

Bill 23 proposes some major changes to the land use planning process to address the province’s housing crisis by building 1.5 million homes over the next 10 years. Not all of the proposed changes will will come into force immediately. Click here to read Osler's summary of the changes and when they will come into effect.

Thank you to our members and associated firms who continue to copy OALA on their submissions to the government. Members can contact their MPPs and can use their own professional examples to advocate for solutions that would support development that meets the housing needs of the province, while ensuring sustainable and liveable communities.