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Designing for Older Adults in Healthcare: A Perspective on the Place of Care and the Work Place

This event is no longer available.
  • Event Date: Apr 10, 2024 04:00pm - 05:30pm
  • Registration Opens: Jan 04, 2024 02:00pm
  • Registration Closes: Apr 10, 2024 03:00pm

Addressing how the built environment impacts the quality of life of older adults, we will review both the current and future state of healthcare environments for primary, acute and post-acute care; and we will do this by considering both older adults who receive care (Patients, Families, and Community) as well as older adults providing care (Staff and Physicians).   Attendees will gain a full understanding the tools (i.e. standards and best practices) available to designing universally for older adults.  While the majority of these tools have been developed over the past few decades, there are still exists serious gaps in our healthcare environmental models that expose the issues related to lack of understanding the health quality needs of older adults in both the place of care and the workplace.  To help close this gap, this seminar will offer case studies of national and international projects that start to address this gap.

Speaker: Cliff Harvey | Joint Vice President, Redevelopment, Grand River Hospital

These seminars are open to the public. This seminar will be held online. Zoom links will be sent in the confirmation email after you register.

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