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Harbourfront Centre at York Quay - Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc.

Finding Balance Between Place and Movement using the Woonerf Concept

Originally, towns grew up around a central meeting place of commerce and celebration, but this concept faded over time as traffic corridors took precedence in urban design.  However, recent events have caused us to come full circle and better utilize our community space.  This presentation goes into how woonerfs, which were first introduced in the Netherlands in the 1960’s and are being used in varying forms throughout the world today, can create more efficient use of space and improve quality of life.  Find out what the components of a woonerf are, and see examples of both successful and poor applications of each.  The presentation also highlights some lessons learned in existing applications, and identifies regulatory criteria that would need to be considered in a local design.


How to Book:

Please reach out to Glenn via email ([email protected]) or by phone (647-531-2922) to schedule the online training.  Being interactive, it is recommended that not more than 10 people attend each event.