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2008–2018: Ten years of Ground

It is a pleasure to celebrate Ground’s longevity—ten years and counting as a volunteer-driven, lean but feisty voice of the landscape architecture profession in Ontario. Working with a committed group of Editorial Board and Advisory Panel members over the years (see their names below) has been inspiring, and as we tackle issues large and small at our monthly meetings, there is always camaraderie and good will. The changes—to the economy, political climate, environment, technology—have been huge, and the team has worked hard to stay relevant, topical, and engaged.

Two moments, in particular, stand out. At one meeting in the early days, we were struggling to articulate our vision for a theme issue on trees, when an Editorial Board member, while talking about the loss of a magnificent heritage tree in her municipality, burst into tears. That is why we’re doing this magazine, we all agreed, because these issues—landscape, environment, policy, social context, human connection to nature—matter, profoundly and personally.

Another moment, this one more lighthearted, occurred a few years ago when an Editorial Board member expressed her goal for Ground: to be the most cutting-edge magazine possible… (pause)… in print. The irony of this in a digital world was not lost on any of us, and we couldn’t help but laugh (somewhat ruefully). We persevered, in print, and we decided to launch an expanded online edition, all in an effort to stay relevant and, yes, cutting edge.

On this anniversary, I would like to acknowledge Ground’s graphic designer, Noël Nanton, R.G.D., principal of the firm typotherapy, who has been with Ground from the beginning and whose commitment to the craft of design shines through every page. Noël has created a distinct, bold identity for Ground—particularly through the typeface, VWMobile, he custom-designed for the magazine.

Big thanks to everyone who has been involved with Ground—the Editorial Board, the Advisory Panel, OALA Council, typotherapy, our volunteer writers and photographers, and all of you, our readers— for your support and encouragement.

Lorraine Johnson
Editor, Ground: Landscape Architect Quarterly

Many thanks to those who have volunteered their time as members of the Ground Editorial Board and the Ground Advisory Panel over the years.

Editorial Board volunteers:

  • Andrew Anderson
  • Julius Aquino, OALA
  • Shannon Baker, OALA
  • Paulina Carbonaro
  • Victoria Lister Carley, OALA
  • Nancy Chater, OALA
  • Doris Chee, OALA
  • Zhebing (Bing) Chen
  • Trish Clarke, OALA
  • Michael Cook
  • Nadia D’Agnone
  • Lisa Dobbin
  • Vanessa Eickhoff
  • Suzanne Ernst
  • Jasper Flores
  • Eric Gordon, OALA
  • Adrienne Hall
  • Ruthanne Henry, OALA
  • Jocelyn Hirtes
  • Ryan James, OALA
  • Vincent Javet
  • Lorraine Johnson
  • Eric Klaver, OALA
  • Johanna Kyte, OALA
  • Fung Lee, OALA
  • Han Liu, OALA
  • Domenic Lunardo, OALA
  • James MacDonald Nelson
  • Graham MacInnes
  • Jennifer Mahoney
  • Karen May
  • Casey Morris
  • Leslie Morton
  • Daria Nardone, OALA
  • Kate Nelischer
  • Stefania Nero, OALA
  • Mike Palmer
  • Robert Patterson
  • Denise Pinto
  • Tamar Pister
  • Phil Pothen
  • Helen Powers
  • Maili Sedore
  • Lisa Shkut, OALA
  • Todd Smith, OALA
  • Brendan Stewart, OALA
  • Katie Strang
  • Netami Stuart, OALA
  • Andrew Taylor
  • Beatrice Taylor, OALA
  • Victoria Taylor, OALA
  • Dalia Todary-Michael, OALA
  • Shawn Watters, OALA
  • Robert Walkowiak
  • Jane Welsh, OALA
  • Yvonne Yeung, OALA
  • Kathy Zhu

Editorial Board Chairs:

  • Andrew Anderson
  • Nancy Chater, OALA
  • Ruthanne Henry, OALA
  • Lorraine Johnson
  • Fung Lee, OALA
  • Denise Pinto
  • Todd Smith, OALA
  • Robert Walkowiak

Advisory Panel volunteers:

  • Andrew Anderson
  • Victoria Lister Carley, OALA
  • John Danahy, OALA
  • George Dark, OALA
  • Katherine Dugmore, OALA (Deceased)
  • Real Eguchi, OALA
  • Donna Hinde, OALA
  • Ryan James, OALA
  • Alissa North, OALA
  • Peter North, OALA
  • Cecelia Paine, OALA
  • Nathan Perkins
  • Victoria Taylor, OALA
  • James Vafiades, OALA