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Bank of Canada Head Office Renewal, DTAH

President's Message

A message from Jane Welsh, OALA President

The summer weather makes us more aware of how our world will change with extreme weather, flooding, and prolonged heat waves. In its annual financial system review, the Bank of Canada, for the first time, identified climate change as a risk to the economy and the environment. The report stated that economic activity and the environment are intertwined.

As landscape architects, we can all be leaders in planning for and adapting to a changing climate. Landscape architects have an important role in the planning of cities and the urban realm.

Outreach To Minister of Municipal Affairs And Housing
The OALA recently submitted a letter to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing on the importance of site plan review and quality of the public realm. The letter addressed how landscape architects are responsible for thinking about how people with all abilities use and move through the space; the connections between health and landscape; managing stormwater to address flooding and ice formation; and creating an aesthetically pleasing urban fabric. Engagement of landscape architects early in the design stage allows public realm impacts to be addressed early in the process.

We were pleased to have renowned OALA member Janet Rosenberg participate in the April 17 Ontario Association of Architects round table on the site plan improvement process.

Outreach To Minister of Tourism, Culture And Sport
The OALA responded to concerns regarding proposed redevelopment of Ontario Place with a letter to the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport. It called for new uses of the site to be for the people of Ontario and to recognize the design legacy of landscape architect Michael Hough and architect Eb Ziedler.

Outreach To Allied Professionals
OALA has had a busy last quarter. We are continuing to build relationships with allied professions, including the OAALandscape Ontario, and the Professional Engineers of Ontario.

This issue profiles the recipients of OALA awards and honours. As well, profiles of the nine projects by OALA members which received CSLA awards of excellence are also included. The CSLA congress inducted four OALA members as Fellows: John George, Lynda Macdonald, Bob Somers, and David Powell. Congratulations to all!

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