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Editorial Board Message

As with all Ground Magazine themes, Rising can be interpreted many ways. As the summer issue, it feels particularly hopeful and forward-looking. The past year has been largely defined by a rising awareness and criticism of our societal structures. Colonization, capitalism, and racism have been brought to the forefront of our collective consciousness. This is a step in the right direction, however so much work still needs to be done. These issues are immense and complex, and touch all aspects of our lives. It can be difficult to know where to begin.

The Rising Round Table discusses joy and connection, both to self and to community, as a wonderful entry point for the larger healing work we are all called to engage in. It is a thoughtful and affirming discussion between women of colour, working in the public realm, and I hope you feel as grateful as I did for the privilege to hear and learn from these voices.

Our summer issue is also where we celebrate our members who have been distinguished through the CSLA and OALA awards. A sincere congratulations to all those recognized; your hard work and accomplishments aid in the rising of our profession to new heights, and we thank you.

As I write this, the Ontario government has announced the province is moving into Step One of the COVID-19 re-opening strategy. The days ahead will no doubt be filled with patios, parks, and reconnecting to friends and family face-to-face. For many of us, it will be the first time we’ve been able to see each other in over a year. In reflecting on this, I found myself flipping through last summer’s magazine (Issue 50, Flow). Previous Editorial Board Chair Eric Klaver offered us this hope, that we might “persevere, so that in a year’s time, if all goes well, we can better appreciate the privilege of practicing our life’s work in each other’s company.”

As the temperatures and our collective spirits rise, we are finally in a place where this feels possible. From the entire Editorial Board, we hope that you all remain safe and well, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Nadja Pausch, OALA, CSLA
Chair, Editorial Board
[email protected]