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Ground 64

Within the Winter Issue of Ground 64 the multifaceted theme of Seen/Unseen is explored. 

One aspect of the theme lies in the literal sense - what lies above and below the surface. Take for instance the complexity of keeping trees alive in the urban environment. What appears on the surface ignores the complication below the surface - a spaghetti-like system of underground services, root deflectors, soil cells, and subdrains.

A more introspective take on the concept asks about the visibility of the landscape profession from multiple viewpoints - within the profession, from allied professions, and from one who holds a critical eye toward our work. 

The dichotomies of "Seen/Unseen" is a complex lens from which to examine subjects from artificial intelligence to the massive flood protection infrastructure project at the mouth of the Don River in Toronto. A unique read lies within this issue.