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  • Accessibility Planning and Design
  • Brownfield Redevelopment and Reclamation
  • Climate Change mitigation, including Nature-Based Solutions
  • Concept Renderings and 3D Modelling
  • Contract Documents and Administration
  • Cost Estimation
  • Design - Schematic Design, Design Development, Tender Ready Construction Packages
  • Environmental Assessments (EA) / Environmental Impact Assessments (EIS)
  • Green Infrastructure, Sustainable Landscapes, LEED Design, Low Impact Design (LID)
  • Green Roof Design
  • Indigenous Communities Engagement
  • Land Mapping and Data Analysis
  • Parks & Playground Designs
  • Public Consultation and Facilitation, Stakeholder Engagement
  • Splash Pad Design
  • Streetscape & Downtown Revitalization
  • Tree Inventories, Assessments & Tree Protection and Conservation Plans
  • Urban Design
  • Visual Impact Assessments
  • Wetland/Riparian Habitat Restoration & Stream Corridor Restoration

OALA Members

  • Heather Flemming: Landscape Architectural Intern (Associate)
  • James Kirkpatrick: Full Member Certificate
  • Michael Magnan: Full Member Seal & Cert
  • David Nowicki: Full Member Seal & Cert
  • Ninela Purves: Landscape Architectural Intern (Associate + 7)
  • Sara Taylor: Full Member Certificate
  • Shalini Ullal: Full Member Seal & Cert