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Strategic Plan

Engaged and Amplified

In the summer of 2021, OALA Council, key volunteer leaders, and the internal team worked on this strategic plan and shared a key insight – now more than ever, the world needs the contributions of landscape architects. They also noted a great appreciation for the many benefits of the public spaces that landscape architects design, and OALA’s strong operational foundation, thanks to the efforts of the Association’s internal team and many dedicated volunteers.

From this place of opportunity, OALA is taking a bold step forward with this aspirational five-year plan. The theme Engaged and Amplified, speaks to the fact that the plan is designed to help OALA and its membership engage powerfully with key decision makers, partners, allied professions, and public stakeholders – and then amplify the benefits of those connections to create more value for all.

The plan contains five strategic intentions, as well as the desired outcomes for each intention. All strategic intentions are considered vital, and equal when it comes to achieving OALA’s aspirations over the next five years, and beyond.

Strategic Plan Execution and Accountability

Each year of the plan, OALA Council, committees, and staff are invited to review the previous year’s progress against the plan, and then propose new actions and resources to advance the plan in the coming year. As part of its accountability core value, OALA will communicate annually with members on both the lookbacks on the previous year’s progress and the chosen tactics and committed resources for the new year.

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