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Internationally Trained Applicants

Internationally trained applicants are eligible to apply for membership in the OALA and follow the same Path to Full Membership as those from Ontario. 

Education Requirements: 

For applicants who do not possess a degree in landscape architecture (BLA or MLA) accredited by the Canadian (LAAC) or American (LAAB) Accreditation Board, determination of the professional degree and foreign membership equivalency to fulfill the OALA standards must be established through one of the following contacts:

  • Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials
  • International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS)
  • World Education Services Canada (WES): International Credential Evaluation

The onus rests with the applicant to produce documents that establish the core academic and professional membership body equivalency in writing.

Only after these credentials have been confirmed as equivalent to an accredited degree by the Registrar and/or Examining Board, can the applicant proceed with either the Intern application or the Senior Oral Examination process. In both cases, evidenced-based working experience in Canada and/or abroad requires fulsome documentation.

The Path to Full Membership:

Most applicants follow the standard path to become a Full Member and join as an Intern (landscape architectural intern). International applicants are advised to review the Path to Membership and consider which pathway best fits their situation.

In addition to the standard path of Intern membership, there are additional options for those who possess a CLARB equivalent membership and senior practitioners with a recognized degree in landscape architecture and 12+ years’ experience as a licensed practitioner.

It is recommended to join OALA as an Intern member for a minimum of 1-2 years before starting the application to become a Full Member. Familiarity with provincial and regional landscape conditions for design and construction, and local regulations and legal site planning requirements are a prerequisite.

How to apply for membership

To initiate your membership in OALA, first create a user account and submit a completed application form through your member dashboard with the required documentation and fees.

Working in Canada

For information on how to apply to work in Canada or extend a work permit, visit the Government of Canada website.

CLARB Licensure Board Information & Requirements

CLARB has created a map to view jurisdiction’s licensure requirements and the licensure board's contact information. Each licensure board sets its own requirements for licensure and may change requirements at any time.