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Student Membership

OALA supports members and to students aspiring to become professional landscape architects.  Once you receive your degree, we encourage you to pursue a career in landscape architecture to become a full member of the OALA – a certified professional landscape architect. 

Register to become a Student Member

Sign up at no-cost to become a Student Member to stay up to date with the profession and receive association newsletters and event notifications.

OALA’s links to students:

  1. A student from one of the Ontario accredited programs sits on OALA Council as a voting member. The other Ontario accredited school has a student representative on Council. These positions alternate annually between the two schools of landscape architecture.
  2. A faculty member from each accredited school is appointed to the OALA Council.
  3. Student Affiliates receive the Ground Landscape Architect Quarterly and general OALA newsletters.
  4. OALA makes regular annual visits to the professional practice class at each school.
  5. Members support OALA’s annual donation to the Ontario accredited programs for scholarships and and lecture sponsorships.
  6. OALA makes an annual donation to the University of Guelph and the University of Toronto to support an Endowment Fund at each school
  7. OALA Intern member application fee is waived in the year of graduation.

Other ways the OALA can be helpful to students:

  1. OALA website lists upcoming events of interest to the landscape architecture profession, including conferences and calls for papers.
  2. The website also lists job openings, summer jobs, and requests for proposals.
  3. OALA periodically sponsors a Student Design Competition.
  4. Students can work with OALA members and Interns as volunteers on OALA activities and programs.
  5. Student Affiliates are invited to attend the OALA’s Annual General Meeting and conference, and to participate in seminars, workshops and social events.
  6. Students are welcome to use the OALA’s library and resource material.
  7. OALA representatives present scholarships at the school’s award ceremonies.
  8. OALA’s website is valuable for researching prospective employers.
  9. Students interesting in starting the L.A.R.E. are eligible to register with CLARB once they are registered as a Student Affiliate. 

The profession of landscape architecture is building on a solid foundation and a proud history of over half a century, and it is looking toward a bright future. As a student you can play an active role in the future prosperity of the profession and we wish you every success in your endeavours. Your successes reflect on the profession as a whole.

OALA strives to support its members and students, and to provide benefits and services that go beyond the main mandate of a self-regulatory body that protects public health, safety and welfare.

OALA relies on the volunteer spirit of its members and students alike, so we hope you will become involved in whatever way you can, when you are able.

Path to OALA Full Membership


  • LACF Student Scholarships: check the link on the LACF website (or through the CSLA) to learn about the opportunities for scholarships and how to apply.