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Full Membership

In Ontario only Full Members of the Association have the lawful right to use the designation “landscape architect” as provided for in clause 10.(1) of the OALA Act. Persons who are not full members of the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects and use the title “landscape architect” are subject to prosecution.

Eligibility for full membership is based on an assessment of relevant education, experience and examination.

To become a Full Member of the Association, applicants must first meet the requirements to become an Intern Member and complete the Professional Development Program (PDP) which consists of:

  1. Experience Reports with an Advisor
    Once an Intern application is approved, the individual will be given a mandatory PDP experience period to complete before they can apply for full membership (24-72 months). The Intern’s advisor will approve each report and will also provide a mid and final assessment to complete this requirement.
  2. Landscape Architect Registration Examination (L.A.R.E.)
    Successful completion of the Landscape Architect Registration Examination (L.A.R.E.) is required for licensure as a landscape architect. Three passed sections allow the Intern to apply for full membership with certificate. Four passed exams also grant the custody of the Association seal.
  3. Independent Course of Study (ICS)
    All Interns complete the independent course of study. Interns are expected to work with their Advisor to confirm their reading list, provide updates on progress with each experience report and read all of the required readings.
Options for Senior Practitioners and/or Candidates with Equivalent Membership

Senior Practitioners

Persons who have a minimum of twelve years of progressively responsible experience as a landscape architect in a professional environment, who possess either a bachelor or master of landscape architecture degree from an institution recognized by OALA are considered to be senior practitioners and are eligible to apply for full membership through the Senior Oral Examination process.

Candidates with equivalent membership in an equivalent Canadian organization* and/or who are CLARB-certified

*Equivalent Canadian Organizations are those who are regulated and have equivalent education, experience and examination requirements to the OALA. In 2024, these include the Alberta Association of Landscape Architects (AALA) and the British Columbia Society of Landscape Architects (BCSLA)

Persons who are certified full members (or equivalent) in an organization equivalent to the OALA and recognized by the OALA are eligible to apply for full membership through this option.

Note: Full members of non-regulated jurisdictions in Canada are not eligible to apply through this option. Further details on applying for membership in another jurisdiction may be found here.

Application process for all applicants

Applications are processed by the Examining Board whose findings and recommendations are forwarded to OALA Council for approval. Following approval by Council, findings and recommendations of the Examining Board will be released to the applicant.

An applicant who has been denied eligibility for admission may re-apply to the Examining Board on the basis of new information in support of the application.

An applicant who has been denied eligibility for admission by the Examining Board may appeal a decision to OALA Council.

Each option has specific eligibility criteria and subsequent admission requirements. To apply under any one of the options the applicant must first meet the eligibility requirements outlined and then satisfy the specific admission requirements prescribed for that option. All applicants may be required to appear before the Examining Board for clarification purposes.

Apply to become a Full Member

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